George Soros For Marijuana Support: Proposition 19 Billionaire George Soros donated a million dollars yesterday, October 27, 2010,  to the “Proposition 19” campaign that is seeking to legalize marijuana in California

Mr Soros wants you to vote yes to Proposition 19.

“Regulating and taxing marijuana would simultaneously save taxpayers billions of dollars in enforcement and incarcerations costs, while providing billions of dollars in revenue annually.”

He also noted that legalizing marijuana would “also reduce crime, violence and corruption associated with drug markets, and the violations of civil liberties and human rights that occur when large numbers of otherwise law abiding citizens are subject to arrest. Police could focus on serious crime instead.”

Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia:

Soros has funded worldwide efforts to promote drug policy reform. In 2008, Soros donated $400,000 to help fund a successful ballot measure in the state of Massachusetts known as the Massachusetts Sensible Marijuana Policy Initiative which decriminalized possession of less than 1 oz (28g) of marijuana in the state. Soros has also funded similar measures in California, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Nevada and Maine.[52] Among the drug decriminalization groups that have received funding from Soros are the Lindesmith Center and Drug Policy Foundation.[53]

Soros donated $1.4 million to publicity efforts to support California's Proposition 5 in 2008, a failed ballot measure that would have expanded drug rehabilitation programs as alternatives to prison for persons convicted of non-violent drug-related offenses.

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